Awakening the Spirit Chakra 11th Meditation


This is one of the most beautiful meditations of awakening that you can experience! 

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About the Series

Quantum’ Chakra Clearing and Balancing Series - We will focus on ‘quantum’ re-alignment and balancing of each of our chakras. More than a singular clearing at an individual level, our process will move into the collective consciousness, unhooking us from ALL THE PATTERNS and baggage that has collected for eternity and attached to our chakra system and imprisoned us in old energies! The result is a movement beyond thought forms into the true essence and power of our chakras —as gateways to energy, interconnection, and enlightenment!


About the Meditation

Awakening the Spirit Chakra, 11th Meditation: This is one of the most beautiful meditations of awakening that you can experience. We are pulled into and through this node of advanced spiritual gifts. We are lifted above restrictions of time/space. We feel re-born, re-enlivened at entirely new realms of personal being beyond limits. We are smoothly radiant in a new Light!


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You will receive 2 MP3 files to download: 1) introduction to the meditation  2) guided meditation


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Buy 3 Get 1 Free! Use coupon code: buy3get1

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