It’s Your Birthday! — A Meditation for YOU!


A celebration of you through all the years.  Acknowledge and celebrate your past— then focus on now! This meditation helps you create the power and flow to make your future deliciously incredible!

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meditation to celebrate YOU and create your best possible future!

Inspired by my own birthday meditation, I recorded one for you… or as a perfect birthday gift for someone special.

Listen to this audio meditation several times on and around your birthday, then again on your half birthday, 6 months later. The meditation is a celebration of you through all the years! It guides you to acknowledge and celebrate your past— releasing, forgiving and healing. You then focus on now— feeling energized, empowered, rebalanced, wise, happy, and fulfilled. You receive a Birthday blessing from the cosmos; using all you've received to plant seeds and wishes for the year ahead!

This meditation helps you create the power and flow to make your future deliciously incredible!

Happy Birthday to YOU!

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