You Are Light: Ascension School #8


White Buffalo Calf Woman welcomes you in a meditation to embody your light and holiness. 

You are liberated by the Light.


Ascension School Meditation Series You Are Light

# 8 of 12

White Buffalo Calf Woman welcomes you: “I hold the Light of Silence and in that Light may you know you.”

Your essence evaporates into an infinite pure white radiance, giving you the key to experience your own holiness… beyond words or even thoughts. From that Oneness you sense your own unique light/vibration, celebrating it, honoring it. Now you feel the beauty of every living being… all a divine dance of wholeness.

You are liberated by the Light.

Ascension School

2022 Meditation Series Ascension School

“Becoming the divine human you are meant to be.”

Embodied ascension—living the divine truth of who we are, while being fully present with life—is now in our grasp. 2022 is the most transformational year since 2012, and this meditation series is set to make the most of this quantum opportunity.

Jonette channels 12 monthly meditations that will serve you as portals between heaven and Earth. You’ll work with your own Soul and Ascended Masters to awaken your own Truth; building a coherent field for transformation. The result is that you live from a higher vision, walking a path of self-acceptance, trust, and joy.

Ascension School is your next bridge to awakening.