Soul Body Fusion® and the Sacrum — the Seat of the Soul Guest Blog by Anne Risager

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Soul Body Fusion® and the Sacrum -- the Seat of the Soul

Guest Blog by Anne Risager, SBF Practitioner, Denmark

Recently I’ve been ill and my attention has been called back to the area around the hip/sacrum and lower back several times. This is the area where the kundalini, which is our primary source of energy is situated. I believe that the Soul Body Fusion is very important for the healing of this area and vice versa. The 2 are interconnected. Let me show you why I believe so:

anatomyThe hip area/sacrum is the "new foundation" for the upright standing, “a platform in between heaven and Earth”, because the spine is balancing/suspended between the hips. So we stand upright - reaching for the heavens on a structure which is solely dependent on the stability in the hip/sacrum area.

This reminded me of Jonette’s Ashtatara channeling about the awakening of the Sun disk and the Grail Codes which would merge and create a new platform in between heaven and earth. So I believe that an awakening and strengthening of this area is what Soul Body Fusion is about.

In the Bodytalk modality we acknowledge the sacrum a s being the seat of our soul, the link to our forefathers/the energetic  seat of our genetic pool. And I believe that it is the connection to where we come from.

This could explain why it is “sacred” as sacrum is latin for sacred.

If you look closer at the anatomy of the sacrum and coccyx (tailbone) this area is where the kundalini is centered according to eastern philosophy. Right below the coccyx there is actually a physical gland which is producing hormones that regulates the nerve system and the flow of kundalini. The Kundalini energy is very important because it is the primary energy source of our body. It is constantly streaming (in small quantities) in our body, energizing the chakras and the meridians. Which in turn energizes our physical structures.

To bring humanity to the next level will acquire for a rising of the kundalini energy, because physically this will make our body perform much better and will transform the mind. This is a major step and one which is not easy to endure, but a freer flowing kundalini will burn away impurities and heal all our bodies. So we do not have to be enlightened to enjoy the power of kundalini. This energy is the most healing energy we can imagine.

I therefore believe that Soul Body Fusion is a very important tool because it will help ease the rising of the Kundalini. So the goal of the SBF and the rising of the kundalini is closely linked together. We will truly realize our soul in our body when the Kundalini is permanently risen – as pictured on the Egyptian gods with the crown of Isis.

Another peculiar aspect is that in the area of the tail bone you will also the sphincter muscle which can be used in controlling the kundalini. Notice how similar the sphincter is to sphinx – and both acts as guardians!

Have a closer look at the sacrum and see the clue that lies in the anatomy:Picture1

I did an inner journey to study the energetic connection between our soul and our physical body and this was what I saw:

I started in my soul to see “who I AM”. My image was that I was farming /growing galaxies, and I was seeing new galaxies being born. I then went down the silver cord, down through my body and down to the sacrum / the gland below the tail bone. From here there was a strong connection to the “earth point”. This our incarnational point situated 20” below our feet, where we bring in everything from our soul which we plan to incarnate in this life.

I stayed here for a while to sense the energy. I was drawn to a structure below this point. I saw it as a pointy structure, but it was only when I descended that I noticed that it was a pyramid.

I entered the pyramid and asked to meet the female who was guarding this place, I somehow new that that it was a feminine place. Then the essence of Isis came in front of me. She was not pictured as the Goddess in Egypt, but as the pure essence of Isis. She said: “You are of me. My energy is living you”

It was not until I researched more about Isis, that I understood the profound meaning of this sentence. Isis is considered to be the big gardener, the mother of all. She is the grand creator. Everything that is, is created by her – is of her energy.

“My energy is living you” has many layers of meaning to me. The first is the physical one: Isis, who is the mother of all, is the source of the Kundalini, so she is the source of our physical body.

We are being lived physically but I believe that we are also being lived mentally – moment by moment. I have often experienced that I was not the one pulling the strings in my life. Often I would decide to do something – and then feel compelled to do something quite different, which would turn out to be the best decision in retrospective.

Quantum physics is also beginning to prove that we are ultimately being lived and therefore do not have free will. In short:

  • We can’t control our thoughts. Thoughts pop up in our minds from the quantum collective
  • Everything we do and every decision we make is catalyzed by a thought
  •  Since every decision we make is ultimately based on thoughts, which we can’t control – then who is in control?

In a meditation I was shown it this way: The “I” I am living, is not the original. “I” am merely a reflection of ME – a higher representation of my soul which is “pulling the strings in my life”.

I find it utterly amazing how everything ties together:

  • The sacrum is the seat of our soul and the area around it can represent the crown of Isis
  • Soul Body Fusion is about bringing more of our soul into our body
  • I witnessed Isis as the essence that is living us - brings our soul into being in this body
  • SBF is such a powerful healing tool. Perhaps because it is working with the kundalini – the most powerful healing energy in our body
  • Jonette chose the crown of Isis as the perfect symbol for SBF as it incorporates it all and is the sign for a fully transformed and self realized being, where the smaller self is burned away by the permanently risen kundalini which is crowning our head.

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