Blessings from White Eagle

I wanted to share with you all some lovely blessings channelled from White Eagle last year.


This is a message for the Belgiums

Beloved brothers and sisters.  We see the brilliant light of your heart.  Yet we see that you have spent much of your energy in self doubt.  As a nation, there is, there must be more steadfastly moving forward and less questioning yesterday’s steps.  Hold true to the power of fairness, the power of forgiveness, and the power of an idealized vision moving forward. That power diminishes self doubt, anxiety, and moves you out of the rat hole of criticism to the place in the sun where you truly dwell.  There has been too much intrigue and secrecy in which you have turned the other cheek.  Raise your voices now, whether it’s your voices as a nation or it is you voice in your relationship, in your families, with your friends clearly stating what it is you stand for and the future you seek.  There is strength here that we have not seen in hundreds of years.  True strength, let it shine dear brothers and sisters, let it shine.



A blessing for the Swiss

Beloved brothers and sisters of Switzerland.  Your mountains have to find you.  They have protected you and kept you safe.  And in some ways they have kept you contained.  This is a time to break through the container truly seeing your selves as global citizens of an ever unfolding creative world.  We urge you to touch back into the creativity that has always been at the heart of your people but has become too over shadowed by rules and constraints.  Go back to the heart of the mountains, the heart of the mother, the heart of creativity and let your passions arise from the truth of that heart.  Move a little more out of the mental programming back to the passion of the heart and especially back to the cultivation of the goddess.  At this time, your dreams call you forward.  Trust them beloved ones.  You have been preparing for millennia for a role in leadership and responsibility in this awakening world   What is your role?  What is your vision?  Ask yourself, what is your destiny?  Know that you are supported and loved and Mother Earth herself stands with you.  Blessings.

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