White Eagle on the Gympie Pyramid; in Queensland, Australia

  Jonette Crowley, Feb. 2013, www.JonetteCrowley.com

IMG_5327Greetings, I finally got this transcribed and I think you will find it fascinating. After reading this you might want to search on some of the strange statues and other items that have been found in the area. Some of these are housed in the Gympie Museum. The drawings are from papers Peter brought with him. They are an artist’s impression of the original detailed 1863 descriptions by cultural historian James Green of the mysterious and unexplained carved symbols on stone columns at the entrance of the terraced walkways leading to the summit of the hill. There was a 5-ringed terraced ‘pyramid hill’ with a circle of 13 stones and ‘altar’ on top.

Jonette: We are sitting on a very overgrown and difficult place to find, on the Queensland Sunshine Coast near the town of Gympie. The structure is been known as the ‘Gympie Pyramid.’ It isn’t a full stone pyramid, rather a hill terraced by a spiral of stones with an altar stone on top. The structure has been bull-dozed and does not resemble what John Green, a local man who was an initiate into the secrets of the area Aboriginal clan, originally described in his diaries in 1923. It is on private land. I am taken here by Peter, a local who has done much research into the area. It is Peter who asks White Eagle the questions. The Aboriginals thought of this place as sacred and would not come here. They felt it was built by the star people. We are asking White Eagle questions to see what is going on here:

photo-5White Eagle: Welcome brothers and sisters this is White Eagle. You truly sit on a vortex, weaving together sky and sun. outer reaches of your solar system. It carries the energy of Pluto and beyond. For some time it has anchored what have been called the dark brethren thousands of years ago. This place is now a place of shadow, a place of transition.

You have been called here to connect, to bring it out of shadows - to finally close the door on the dark brethren, to neutralize this place into formidable light.  Let yourselves be aligned to your highest spirit, feeling only good and courage.  Ask your inner eyes to open so that you can see into the past and actually connect with the dark brethren, not in fear but in understanding.

The wind brings the opening of the gate, building tall strong pillars, like the rocks that existed here, surrounding an inner portal.  In that portal you see truth.  It won’t give you form, it won’t give you answers.  It is a feeling of redemption, of ancient redemption and forgiveness.  You feel only love here for the ancient people here and the guardians.  We come humbly and in service.  There is a spiral rising up and down, into the earth and into the heavens.  Spiraling counterclockwise up Image 1and clockwise down.  Feel yourselves being very, very steady.  Feel in your heart that truth and goodness escapes this place.

The hold of the dark brethren is released by acknowledgement and by love.  Feel a pouring forth, both from the earth pouring out and from the stars pouring in as we ask this portal, this anchor spot, to be cleared.  Turn your hands palms up and receive the deep healing into the land, into you.  The four of you sit representing the four directions - calling forth deep peace, resolution and most of all neutrality.  Your request to claim this portal and open it again to light and goodness has been heard and has been answered.  Feel the energy now of the inner earth beings as they send their appreciation. We will now take your questions.

Peter: What is the meaning and origin of the word that the Ka’bi people called Dhamuri?

White Eagle: The land of Mu, beyond that is the people of the starships.  The aboriginal people came much later, they were guardians of this place.  They understood that it had been high-jacked by darker energies.  They did their prayers and stayed away.  It is ruled by Pluto, which is Hades, which is the underworld.  To them this would have been an opening to the underworld or the dark world.  It has been moving away from that for a long time and now is in shadows but not in darkness.  You are here to help this transition, neutralizing it so that it can be an anchor for light.

Peter: Why were the Ka’bi-speaking Aboriginal people so afraid of this area of stone structure?

White Eagle: They were guardians of it, but it was not a good place.  It was a place to be feared.

photo-6Peter: What was the meaning of the 2 entwined snakes on each of the entry columns to this site? (See the artist’s drawing made from James Greens original descriptions of the site in the 1920’s. The figure about the snakes is a 6-pointed star with a spider in it.)

White Eagle: In the time of Lemuria and Atlantis and Egypt the intertwined snakes represent the awakening of the DNA.  The snakes were the guardians of the place so that only those with the correct DNA could enter. Some of the Aboriginal clans had the DNA of the star people.  They often became the medicine men or medicine women of the clans.  They could come here because in their DNA they remembered this portal or this post.  So in one way it was a warning and it proclaimed this place as a star portal.  The spider is the guardian of the portal.  The snakes are the guardian of the spiral - the energy, the vortex- but the spider guards the portal itself.  You passed the test, the four of you, because you saw her (the spider) and would not break through her web because you understood her significance.  You passed the test of ones who carry light and are able to sit here and not be molested by bugs or rain.  This is a special grace that you have been allotted.  Thank you.

Peter: Did the people who built these stone structures also mine for gold in this area called Gympie?

White Eagle: Indeed, the people who built the structures were human people.  Some of them had the DNA of the star people. Those with the DNA of the star people were the leaders and rulers; they used the local people as workers.  Gold was mined here and to this day there are rich sources of gold deep within the earth.  They built this under the instructions of the people with the star DNA.  The gold is what attracted the star people here.

Peter: Are the writings of the two men John and James Green accurate to the best of their knowledge?

White Eagle: The writings of the Green’s are mostly accurate, about 70% of it was accurate but by then even the legends, even the native people did not have the truth.  There was an old Aboriginal woman here in the early 1800’s, you would call her a witch.  She was the last one to really know this place and know of its energy.  She will be reincarnated and come back, if she has not already, to help see this through from its movement, its transition from darkness to light.  Her name meant snake mother.

Peter: What was the mineral antimony mined for in these old times?

White Eagle: It is a mineral that is very light and strong. It may have been mixed with other mineral to create living metal that was used in spacecraft.  It was almost as if it was mixed with something organic.

(All of a sudden the wind began to blow and dogs all around began to bark, the energies changed significantly.)

White Eagle: We need you now, it is as if there is a surge of energy that has just arrived.  We need you to let go of your questions and create a very strong vortex of light, a rainbow vortex.  Call in the spider and stand strong in the energies.  What you have been doing here has just been discovered.  Stand strong.  Can you feel once again the peacefulness has returned?

Peter: Who was the entity called Ma’Kura by the Ka’bi Aboriginal people?

White Eagle: Ma’Kura was the snake guardian of the dreamtime doorway.  That energy belonged especially to this place but it was regional.  It was an entity of initiation claiming the power of the rainbow serpent.  It was very much a gatekeeper to the higher dimensions, the other worlds.  It wasn’t always a nice entity.

Peter: Is the planet known as Mormodellar by the Ka’bi people the same one also known as Marduk?

White Eagle: Indeed, that is true.  This planet, Marduk in your language, must be loved.  It carries much darkness yet love is the only antidote.  Love is the redeemer of even the greatest darkness.  This portal and many across the face of the earth have been held in shadow.  There has been a dark matrix over this earth.  The darkness is lightening.  As we said, this portal is in shadow but not in full darkness.. and it is moving, it is in a transition.  Humanity has turned the corner regarding portals held before in darkness to be now held in light.  Jonette is being taken to portals in Crete to do similar work as you are doing here.  There were many portals that before were dangerous for even the most big-hearted light workers.  Now the shift is different, the frequency range is higher and light workers such as you can go to portals that before were dangerous and give them a push into the side of light.  Many people are called to do this work now.  You have shown up and the universe will find ways to reward you.  Love - not fear - is the answer.  Among native people, some were wise and many were simply superstitious, which is not too different from the people of today.  You have been welcomed on this portal.  We thank you for your service.   Shalom



Copyright 2013, Jonette Crowley, Center for Creative Consciousness

Drawings courtesy of Brett Green, The Gympie Pyramid Story(copyrighted)


  1. Sachin Kondke on August 6, 2014 at 5:40 pm

    The entertained snakes is a popular iconography in Indian temples since ages

  2. Vicknesh on November 3, 2013 at 7:29 am

    Hi jaga, have you visited the gympie pyramids. i would love to visit it and see it for myself..i have read alot on this sacred place, and i have read on some Indian websites about this place too… i would aprreciate if you or some one who has visited this gympie site contacts me as i would like to talk about tit and visit it with some one who has been there before. thank you. please email me in vicknesh2886ATyahooDOTcom

  3. Vicknesh on November 3, 2013 at 7:28 am

    Hi jaga, have you visited the gympie pyramids. i would love to visit it and see it for myself..i have read alot on this sacred place, and i have read on some Indian websites about this place too… i would aprreciate if you or some one who has visited this gympie site contacts me as i would like to talk about tit and visit it with some one who has been there before. thank you. please email me in vicknesh2886ATyahooDOTcom

    • jaga on November 4, 2013 at 1:47 am

      Hi Vicknesh, no, I haven’t visit Gympie pyramids, only learned about them from Jonette and through internet. If you would like to visit this place, put your intention and go through Soul Body Fusion, than watch what will happen. I am sure you will see this place in real. Good luck Vicknesh, Love and Light jaga

  4. jaga on August 1, 2013 at 4:36 am

    Thank you Jonette for such a great message. I am living in Sydney, and I am so much in love with Australia since 32 years when I’ve arrived here. Because there is no time such, I was drawn to transfer some energy of Light and Love from me to the vortex while reading a message.It has happened very spontaneously. Soon on the day of 8/8/2013 I am going to be at Uluru for the first time in my life as I was called by this sacred place, let say invited. My intension is to put my kisses, and cuddles:) – (literally) and blessings in gratitude for the Love of this beautiful land of Australia. I do not understand why it is all suddenly happening to me, but I trust my feelings. My dear husband didn’t like to go, so I am going with another polish girl Beata but she is coming from Melbourne, as she was also drawn very strongly to be present at the Uluru. Dear Jonette, we’ve meet in Sydney in Feb this year. I am Ewa’s Foley friend. I was reading you books, it is why I am writing about my … I don’t know how to name it … inner call? It would be the best to describe it. I was called also to wake up in the middle of the night to be with you live in Delphy as I filled very much drowned there. I send energy from Australia during your ceremony. I have your crystal immersed in holly Grail I received from you with special blessings on your visit in Sydney. Could you put some more light on my journey to Uluru please? What is my – our purpose to be there? Your feed back will be priceless to me! I would also share with you, how much I enjoyed to “travel” with you while reading “Eagle and The Condor”. With my greatest respect to you
    Jaga Fedynkiewicz
    I hope your house is getting the most right new owner! With blessings Jaga xoxoxo
    PS2 Sorry for my English it is very hard for me to write as I had no chance to go to school after arrival here (1981) Love and Light

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