Guest Blog – Experiences with Soul Body Fusion by Bettina from Munich


To answer the question – What has changed since I joined a Soul Body Fusion Workshop?

Someone recommended the Soul Body Fusion book to me and it really got me. The simplicity of this process made me very curious. So I booked the upcoming workshop in Germany. They also offered a channelled Evening with Mark.  Although I have never been to a Channel before, I booked this too.

The Mark Evening was first, and a lot of energetic things that I had experienced before were explained to me.  It was as if I understood things that I couldn’t understand before.

After I learned all kind of energetic tools and techniques, the Soul Body Fusion Workshop convinced me with its easiness that you are not in charge, because in the end it is your soul or something bigger that is in control.  You definitely have the opportunity to get out of the control pattern.

Very early in my life I learned to leave my body and hang out in high spaces.  All of the healers that I saw told me that I should be more grounded.  Nothing really worked.  Meditation was easy and of course, I loved it, but then I would come back and everything would be the same.

Since I learned Soul Body Fusion and practiced it, for the first time in my life I feel so much more grounded.

Which is great- but it has also changed much more.   I feel much calmer and difficult situations are not difficult anymore.  A change happened even during the workshop.  I started to take care for myself for my own needs. For a long time I was a  “ Polly Pleaser”, so this was a big change.  Now I started slowly to put my self first. Of course, I had heard this many years ago from my Advaita teacher, but I could not change it.

So the changes in my life were big.  With being more grounded I was more and more present.  And the difference when I am not very grounded is very clear.   I have learned with Soul Body Fusion how to come back in.  The soul being more and more embodied makes me more balanced.  I am a very sensitive and emotional person and I used to be like a ball thrown between all these emotions without control.  There is still no control and of course none needed; but I feel so centered and grounded that it does not overwhelm me anymore.   It is like being there, and being still in the center of all of the emotions and experiencing them fully, but now it is enjoyable. 

With being more present, I was clearer.  So I left a very long marriage because it was so clear I could not make myself any smaller than I am anymore.   It seems that I changed from being Who I Should Be and started to be Who I Am.

Of course, I have done other spiritual things before and everything at its time helped with new steps- but for me Soul Body Fusion was the difference.

Here is an example:

We have a monthly study group on Thursdays in my house.  As I was moving, I had planned to move on a Monday.  The workers had not finished in the new apartment and it was changed to Wednesday and in the end I moved on Thursday, the day that I had a study group in the evening.  So I was relaxed and thought ok, I will manage that the room is ready and it will work out.  I prepared it energetically early in the morning and then I was involved in the moving.  I had to go back to the old house and at 6:00 pm I came back in time.  I had just found a parking space when another car hit me.  So this guy wanted to get the police and it was rushhour and it took very long.  Two minutes past 7:00, I came into the room.

The people were there, the workers were running around and there were boxes everywhere. In the Study Group were 2 new people coming from another city with an 1 hour drive. They did not looked amused.   Why do I write this? 

Because, probably one year earlier, I would have freaked out to wait for the police and would have come in the room hysterical and crying. But the change that happened is that I had trust and  that I knew it would all work out somehow.  There was nothing I could change, so I could feel all kind of emotions coming up but somewhere in the center I kept calm.  So I came in the room,  welcomed the people, apologized for the little chaos and we started.  It was obvious that with me being fine with this – not feeling guilty or whatever,  then everybody else was fine with it too.  They left contented. 

Of course there are still emotions that are very strong and moments where I am not so grounded or really present,  BUT now I realize it and now I have the ability to change it.

The wonderful thing about Soul Body Fusion is that it is so natural and you cannot do anything wrong.  Your soul just has the opportunity to be in charge and it seems that souls love to do this.

My kind regards,


Munich, Germany

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