Channeled From MARK: Enjoy humanness, laughter, silly songs….

Channeled from “MARK”, copyright 2013 by Jonette Crowley, For more about MARK and current audio courses on Creation go to

For all of you there is a great deal of “refining” happening.  Of course, when gold is refined, it is even more shiny.

So don’t hurry into your tasks, but allow yourself the downtime of refinement.  To jump into a task before you’re polished does not serve you.  Enjoy humanness.  Enjoy laughter, and silly songs, and camaraderie, and food, and trees with golden leaves - the joyfulness of humanness without thinking “Oh, I should feel guilty that I’m goofing off.”  “I should feel guilty that I’m eating this.”  That robs you of your most precious energy flow for creation, which is appreciating the color, even if it’s not always a great color, of being human.

Take yourselves less seriously during these times of refinement.  For it is that unpredictable, spontaneously loving, spontaneously humorous, part of humanity that makes ETs with a negative agenda shake in their green feet.  It is that – which you take for granted – that is your greatest gift and tool - and protection.  Can you feel that?  Do not discount the ordinariness of an ordinary life well lived.  We shudder when too many spiritual people believe that spiritual martyrdom is the way to the kingdom, and that guilt is the greatest teacher.  We’ve never seen those lessons come out too well.

Beauty is another teacher for you.  Because from human eyes and human senses beauty takes on a multiplicity of dimensions that other realms can only read about.

Thank you.

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