SBF Practitioner
  1. Download the Practitioner Guidelines. Please print out and sign two (2) copies - one for your Teacher, and one for your records.
  2. Complete the information and electronically sign the form below for our records.

Congratulations on being certified as a Soul Body Fusion® Practitioner!

We ask you to read, sign and follow these guidelines so that there is uniformity around the world for Soul Body Fusion® Certified Practitioners. These guidelines are put into place to provide clarity about what a Practitioner is trained for in a 1- or 2-day workshop.


Soul Body Fusion® Certified Practitioner Guidelines



  • You may advertise yourself as a Certified Soul Body Fusion® Practitioner. This includes listing yourself as a Certified Soul Body Fusion® Practitioner on Soul Body Fusion® websites, Facebook, etc.
  • Please use our logo and color scheme to identify Soul Body Fusion® on your advertising material. You can obtain up-to-date graphics from
  • Please always use the registered trademark symbol ® when referring to Soul Body Fusion® and indicate somewhere on your material that the process was founded by Jonette Crowley,

What Your Certification Includes and Does Not Include

  • You are certified to do sessions on friends, family and clients, on a one-on-one, individual basis only.
  • You may do sessions for free or charge a fee. The fee and the format of the sessions - in-person, remote, Skype, Zoom, etc. - is up to you.
  • You ARE allowed to DEMONSTRATE doing a one-on-one SBF on Facebook, or other social media. The difference between DEMONSTRATING and TEACHING is that in a demonstration you are not explaining anything. The viewers are simply watching the effect on the receiver. Please ask your Teacher or Master Teacher if you have questions on what you can share
  • Do not add any other healing techniques, visualizations, channeling, etc to a SBF session. SBF is SIMPLE.
  • You are NOT authorized to TEACH Soul Body Fusion® in any format. This means explaining what you are doing and what is happening. This includes sessions, workshops, small group gatherings, ‘open’ evening, Facebook, videos or other social media, etc. This right is reserved for Certified SBF Teachers only.

Become a Certified Soul Body Fusion® Teacher

  • We have hundreds of Certified Teachers around the world who have spent a week of intensive training in order to teach Soul Body Fusion® correctly and officially.
  • If you would like to do more with SBF— videos, public demonstrations, workshops, open evenings, etc. you must become Certified in our 5-day Teacher Training taught by Jonette Crowley or with a Master Teacher.

Your Agreement to these Guidelines

We understand that Soul Body Fusion® is easy to use. However, we ask you to respect the integrity of the work as it has been established by Jonette Crowley with the help of her guides. Soul Body Fusion® has few rules and we ask you to honor the love and intention of this work. Thank you!

I understand that if these guidelines are not followed, my Soul Body Fusion® certification may be revoked by Jonette Crowley or your country’s SBF Master Teacher.

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