Soul Body Fusion Testimonials



Quotes from people who have experienced Soul Body Fusion®*


  • sbfcoverfinalThe most graceful, easy, beautiful way to enlightenment—my soul is home and the struggle is over. I’m ecstatic!
  • It is the first time in my life I’ve felt real happiness.
  • I was diagnosed with type-two diabetes and took medication three times a day. After the first Fusion I scaled back on my drugs. I believe SBF has fixed my body so it produces insulin normally again. I was just at the doctor’s, and he confirmed I no longer have diabetes! I cannot find another explanation for this except Soul Body Fusion®.
  • I was depressed, jealous, angry, and isolated. I didn’t trust myself or anyone else. In the Fusion session I got my soul grounded and all the energy changed! I had a 180-degree shift immediately! Even my boyfriend changed. He didn’t know what happened. It is now easy for me to control myself and focus again. I finally broke out of the box and am free to be the real Jenny!
  • The SBF has opened new doors for me . . . doors I never even knew existed. For the first time ever I experience myself as pure innocence; every deed is purely driven by love!! Laughter has been my companion as I realized that I am what I have spent a lifetime trying to be. The Soul Body Fusion technology has allowed me to see that I already am heaven (my soul) on earth (my body). My self-image has shifted from weak human to amazingly empowered divine messenger . . . just an astounding experience!
  • JulianaphotoSometimes I don’t see the world through my own eyes but more out of a pair of eyes in my forehead, or even above my head. I don’t want to have this feeling of light in the upper part of my body, while the lower part feels dark and dead. I need my heavenly spirit to come down in my legs and feet and continue down into the earth, creating a strong safety line to pull me down as a counterweight to the strong power that seems to be pulling me up toward heaven. After the Soul Body Fusion class, I feel stronger. I am no longer fragile—not so afraid of the world and my gifts as before. The best part of all is—my heart doesn’t hurt anymore!
  • It was absolutely beautiful and amazing! I’ve been doing a lot of work on my own consciousness, and I now realize—and it seems so obvious—that I was not living my divinity from inside my own physical body! In the first phase, I had the sensation and awareness of energy moving, melding, and merging into my body. In the second phase, there was this divine light coming through. I feel more centered now, whereas before I didn’t want to be inside my own body, thinking that to experience divinity as a human my mind needed to be in the higher realms. Thank you!
  • Since my last Soul Body Fusion there has been this rock of Gibraltar energy within me—soul—immovable, immutable, unassailable. And it just sits there, vibrating powerfully. I can no longer do things the way I used to. This vibrating truth resonates such powerful clarity that I am unable to do anything that doesn’t match this frequency. Parts of me feel I “should” do things; however, there is no way I can. Truth just sits there, showing me that the only reason I’m doing it is out of responsibility and fear. No chocolate either! Bummer—doesn’t match the new resonance. This clarity isn’t being forced on me—it is just powerfully there, way beyond words. It is powerful, unavoidable knowing.
  •  SBF Polish CoverThe Soul Body Fusion process has changed my life. After the third Fusion I noticed a significant change in my awareness. I felt my body responding and supporting my intuitive soul nature. It felt different to be able to feel, hear, and experience the harmony. There is an added clarity to my path; having the body and soul work together to guide me is so powerful. It adds confidence to each step.
  •  I love the way you speak about the simplicity of Soul Body Fusion. So much in our world has gotten so complicated that we have forgotten how simple and easy life can be, if we just set the  intention.
  •  Since the Teacher’s course so much has happened to me. I came to the course fairly “new”, I had just read the SBF-book and felt the “need” to come and do the Teacher’s course immediately. I loved your teachings and struggled at the same time with allowing myself to step into the role of a teacher myself, even though I know that is what I am.
  •  Now, I feel it in my whole system that teaching is what I’m supposed to do.  I am really happy about how easy it is now, with SBF,  to see and hear everything but not react or act on the negative stuff, it’s just there and I’m somewhere else! 😉
  •  What I want you to know is that the course took me to the place where I want to be, jumping over a lot of blockages that I didn’t even know I had. You showed me the easy and fun way to teach and that is just the key for me since I have suffered from stress for so long. Joy and simplicity really are the keys that unlock stress in our minds. SBF gives us this in so many ways that we don’t even understand and that’s perfectly alright, we just need to allow the Soul to take place and show the way. SBF works instantly nowadays and my feet are burning just thinking SBF! 
  • DutchCoverI have to tell you a great story from one of my Soul Body Fusion classes. One lady did SBF with her friend for the first time and they both had tinnitus. During the session her friend heard a loud “pop” and then noticed that her tinnitus had disappeared! The lady from my course then went home and as she entered her house she thought that everything was unusually quiet…she then realized that her tinnitus had also almost disappeared (she described her tinnitus to normally be on a scale of 8-9 but it has now gone down to a 1-2). It’s so great to hear these stories of healing!

* Examples of healing are individuals’ reported experiences only. Center for Creative Consciousness and Jonette Crowley make no medical or curative claims for Soul Body Fusion®.

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