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The Keystone Dialogues 2016 – Part I ‘MARK’ Channeled by Jonette Crowley Channeled Answers to Questions on Imagination, Evolution of Consciousness, and Miracles…   Imagination The first subject is imagination. When the word imagine is spelled out loud: IMAGINE, it sounds like ‘I am a genie!’ ‘Imagine’ is truly the doorway to magic. Genie, of course,…

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The Keystone Dialogues 2015 

Channeled from MARK, by Jonette Crowley “Humanity is lighter and more poised for breakthroughs than ever before. We stand in awe of you as creators and as ones who enjoy your creations.” MARK MARK channels a significant and intimate conversation about us as creators, how we become multi-dimensional, the interconnectivity of consciousness, the journey of…

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Falling into Bliss and Ecstasy… Again and Again 

by Jonette Crowley Have you ever woken up in a euphoric state, then struggled to hold onto it? Since I was a child I would upon rare occasions find myself in ‘that special feeling place.’ It felt holy and transcendent. As a kid I associated it with the stars and with Mother Mary. The feeling…

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