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Celebration of Oneness for the Sirius New Year (July 26, 2017)

A Celebration Welcoming the Sirius New Year (Takurua-a-Mere) Wednesday, July 26th 2017 is the Sirius New Year on the Western Calendar.  Rose Pere, a New Zealand Maori Elder, is asking for people around the world to connect in peace,  especially acknowledging our inner Sun… on this day… July 26… The date Sirius and our Sun rise together.…

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Mysteries Un-Earthed

MARK Channels about Underground Cities in Turkey,   and the Bosnian Pyramids by Jonette Crowley Copyright 2014  “There is a great awakening of the Golden Plasma Grid. This brings a new realignment, an opening with inner earth beings, inner dimensional beings and external stellar beings.  This is a huge realigning that manifests itself in…

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