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Soul Body Fusion® Teacher's Certification

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Would you be interested in teaching others about Soul Body Fusion®

  • Love Soul Body Fusion® and what it can do?
  • Want to share your knowledge and excitement with others?
  • Interested in taking Soul Body Fusion® to a new level in your own life?
  • Want a chance to do what you love while helping people?
Is this the next step for you?

“The Teacher Training course in Soul Body Fusion® is the best course I have ever taken. It gave me so many great insights and inspired me in so many ways. I now have the tools I need to reach others who want to fulfill their lives and learn this beautiful process.” 

“I don’t have words for how much I enjoyed this Teacher’s course. A great shift took place, something I've been working toward for some time. Both the initiation and the teachings really raised me to a new level of being. Jonette is a great teacher and I learned so much, both from her way of teaching to the high and beautiful energy  that she carries.” 

What is Soul Body Fusion®?

It is a simple process for realignment and wholeness, helping us permanently embody our highest frequencies—our divine birthright. The result is a sense of finally ‘being home,’ grounded, present and whole. This often results in immediate spiritual, emotional or physical healing. It is based on the book Soul Body Fusion® — The Missing Piece for Healing and Beyond by Jonette Crowley, now in 10 languages.

  • Do you long to make a difference for people’s healing, well-being and spiritual wholeness?
  • Can you envision bringing Soul Body Fusion® to others in an inspiring and experiential workshop?
  • Would you like to attract both students and clients to you for Soul Body Fusion ®?

The Teacher’s course will deepen your own Soul and Body Fusion®, as Jonette brings in the next levels of integration. Your personal energetic field becomes even stronger, lighter and more stable. You will be comfortable with the magic and possibilities that this process can bring yourself and others. You will gain in confidence and presence. It is an opportunity to be the best teacher possible— skills that will help you in all aspects of your life. You learn communication and presentation skills, how to hold the energies, how to attract clients and create a business. The course is based on the principles Jonette used for years leading corporate train-the-trainer programs.

“Jonette is a great spiritual leader and teacher who brings out the best in you and she really inspired me to step into my power and become a leader myself.“ 

“Jonette’s SBF Teacher’s  course is simply a treat for the soul in every way!”

Why become a Certified Teacher? 

  • To have the opportunity to help yourself and others…with a simple process that has amazing results!
  • Many people feel that their body and spirit are not fully integrated. This leads to disease, unhappiness, and not being the very best you can be.
  • People feel that they are not grounded or fully present. They feel they should have more energy and vitality…
  • Some people have tried everything… they want more out of life .... now!
  • Soul Body Fusion® is the tool for the fast way home!

Everyone has a beautiful soul or light body, but we are often unable to bring it fully into our physical body. We live our lives half asleep, unable to attract the wholeness, happiness, health, wealth and well-being that is our birthright. Our soul and body are not at the same frequency. We may experience resistance between the two, or outright conflict. This happens because of life's traumas, abuse, crisis, grief, and disappointments. Our soul longs to be home, but where is home? Our body runs on autopilot, and we are not united. By being a Certified Soul Body Fusion® Teacher you can hold workshops to teach people the concepts and process for doing SBF for themselves and others.

There is an increased interest in classes now that Jonette's book: Soul Body Fusion®: The Missing Piece for Healing and Beyond is available in so many languages. Readers want to attend a workshop to become Certified Soul Body Fusion® Practitioners. Once you are a teacher, we will support you by listing your links on our website. We want you to be successful spreading the word about this simple yet effective process for wholeness!


  • You must be a Certified Soul Body Fusion® Practitioner Find a teacher in your area
  • Please practice SBF with as many people as possible and be prepared to share your experiences and the experiences of your clients.
  • Please re-read the SBF book so the information is fresh in your mind.
  • This is an intense course, so please come prepared to work hard, learn a lot, and have fun!

Find a Teacher Certification Class in your area

Please contact one of our Master Teachers for information about Soul Body Fusion® Teacher's Certification classes in your area.

Master Teachers

Meggi Erman

Petra Pitak

Arno van Dijk

Netherlands & Belgium

Anneke Meijer

Netherlands & Belgium

Katarzyna Gwiazdowska

Marie Mauritzon

Mari Uri

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