NEW Virtual ‘MARK’ Group

flagglobeWe all love the work of ‘Mark’ and we know that listening to ‘Mark’ in a group is so much stronger and more intense as all the energies multiply.  Not all of us can conveniently attend such a ‘Mark’ Group on a regular basis so we are founding the Virtual ‘Mark’ Group (VMG)! It will allow a virtual group to experience and discuss MARK together. It will be at a convenient time for Europeans (9 pm / 21:00 CET).


A WEEKLY gathering for the most current MARK course. Those who have purchased the current MARK series can gather, listen together and discuss the class.  If Jonette is traveling and there is not a current class, we will listen to a recent previous series.  If you are subscribed to the current course (Embodied Universality Part 1, click here to purchase), you will receive a letter with more information upon receiving your download information. This service is offered free of charge to all participants of the CURRENT course.  This will be every Monday at 9 pm /21:00 CET. You will automatically receive the link to the Chat Room (Chatzy). Through this link you can logon. The password to the room is given. If you encounter problems please contact Asar [email protected].  Contact Julie at [email protected] for all other questions.