Ascension School Monthly Meditation Membership Information

Welcome to your Ascension School Monthly Meditation Membership below you will find information Frequently Asked Questions about your subscription and information about the 2022 Ascension School Series.

How does the subscription work?

You will be billed $25 on the 6th of every month until cancellation. Meditations will be added to your User Account under the Download & Links tab as soon as your payment is processed.

You will receive two emails
1) Credit Card Receipt
2) Renewal Order is Complete - we have added the mediation description and audio/video links to this email


Where do I find the meditations?


Video (MP4) and Audio (MP3) files can be found in the Downloads & Links section of your User Account:

  • Audio link - Click to automatically download audio file
  • Video link - Click to watch video on Zoom page
    • Option to download video will be in upper right corner of Zoom page
    • On mobile phones only: To download video, you might need to rotate your screen to horizontal view to see Download button at top right of Zoom page

How to find MM in Downloads

Annual subscription information

Video (MP4) and Audio (MP3) tracks can be found in your User Account under the Downloads & Links tab on the 6th of every month: 

You will receive a one-time payment receipt and your subscription will not automatically renew.

I bought my subscription between the 1st & the 5th of the month

Since our meditations are released on the 6th. You will receive access to the previous month's meditation upon purchase.  You will be billed again on the 6th of the month for that month's meditation. The product you purchase will indicate the initial month.

Where can I find more information about my User Account

How do I find My Account? 

Note, once you are logged in you should stay signed in when you are on our site but that depends on your personal device and cookie settings.

How do I know if I have an account?

If you have purchased anything from our website in the past, you had the option to create an account or continue as a guest

  • To see if you have an account. Fill out the Register section if you are in our system you will get a pop-up saying: "Error: An account is already registered with your email address. Please log in"
  • If you did not define a User Name your email address will be your Username, this can not be changed.
  • If you do not remember your Username, Email us at with 'Request Username' as the subject line. Do not make a new account as accounts cannot be combined.

How do I know if I am Logged in to my Account?

Once you log in you will usually stay logged into your account when you are on our site. Although this can depend on your individual computer 'cookie' settings.

  • The Account Login screen with display Hello with your name and you will see your dashboard tabs. If not, you will see a Login or Register option.
  • If you are in our Store, the checkout screen will auto-populate with your information. If not, you will see an option "Returning Customer? Click here to login"
  • Click here to view screenshot of the above.
I got notice my Transaction Failed - What do I do?
How do I cancel my subscription?

You must cancel your subscription from your User Account

Your account is controlled by you so you must initiate the cancellation process. We cannot accept email requests to cancel.

  • To cancel - log in to your User Account and under the 'Subscriptions' tab click on Action: Cancel
  • You can cancel at any time; however, automatic billing is done on the 6th of the month, so you must cancel prior to that day to avoid charges.
  • Once your cancellation time period has ended, you will not be able to access your meditation.  Please download all meditations you want to keep.

2022 Meditation Series Ascension School

“Becoming the divine human you are meant to be.”

Embodied ascension—living the divine truth of who we are, while being fully present with life—is now in our grasp. 2022 is the most transformational year since 2012, and this meditation series is set to make the most of this quantum opportunity.

Jonette channels 12 monthly meditations that will serve you as portals between heaven and Earth. You’ll work with your own Soul and Ascended Masters to awaken your own Truth; building a coherent field for transformation. The result is that you live from a higher vision, walking a path of self-acceptance, trust, and joy.

Ascension School is your next bridge to awakening.

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