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"The wonderful thing about travel is the different perspective you gain."


Mark and I have been spending the last few days visiting a Colombian college friend of mine in his hometown of Cali. Society is stratified here, though there is more of a middle-class than there was when I visited here in 1980. Gustavo's family is wealthy-- sugarcane and lately residential development. Luxury cars with drivers, maids, cooks... a city apartment and a country home.

Jonette in Cali

It has been a fun indulgence for a few days to ring in the New Year. Yet the good life here has its drawbacks. Colombia is still a rough and sometimes lawless country. Up until a few years ago, you weren't safe leaving the city. Armed gunmen would set up roadblocks to rob you, or if you were wealthy enough you could be kidnapped for ransom. It is illegal for a man to ride on the back of a motorcycle with another man-- because the back guy could be the shooter.

Gustavo and his neighbors have high fences, locked gates, guard dogs, a reinforced 'panic' room for hiding in case of attack... and lots of guns.  But inside the gates it's like the holidays anywhere-- family, food, laughter, music, and fun!

Jonette in Cali, Colombia

As visitors, we get to enjoy Latin hospitality and awesome Colombian food. We get to go home to a place where we are relatively secure. We have to realize that the world for us is different than the world for most people. I'm grateful for the opportunity to be here, to be embraced by a big South American family for the New Year's celebration. It makes me more in love with life and the magnificence of people. Whatever our circumstances we do adapt, and at our core, we are all the same. 

Gustavo drove us to the airport in his armored SUV, welcoming us back any time. You know, I will be back. The good and the beauty here far outweigh the concerns.

Off to Cartagena!


Jonette Crowley

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