Emden, Germany

 September 26 - Quantum Soul Body Fusion® 1-Day

September 27 - October 1  - Soul Body Fusion® 5-Day Teacher Certification Course

Times: Sept 26 - Registration 9:30AM, Workshop 10:00 - 18:00; SBF Teachers Sept 28-30 is 9:30 - 18:00 & Oct 1 is 9:30 - 17:00 (subject to change)

Location: Hotel Gulfhof, Am Spritzenhaus 7, 26725 Emden, Germany - http://gulfhof-emden.de/ 

Price: Quantum Soul Body Fusion is 222€*
Soul Body Fusion® 5-Day Teacher’s Course is 2000€*, deposit of 500€ due ASAP (Quantum SBF is included)
Certified Teachers taking the course again is 1000€, Quantum SBF not included

Contact: Meggi Erman and Petra Pitak at [email protected]

*Euros is the preferred payment method. Email Meggi & Petra for details. Additional conference fee of 15€ & 100€ for water, coffee, tea and snacks & a daily light lunch. 

Soul Body Fusion®....... 6 days, 2 workshops

Quantum Soul Body Fusion®

1-Day, Tuesday Sept 26, 2017

The energies of Soul Body Fusion® are rapidly expanding!

This Advanced workshop will allow us to go deeper into the truly transformational aspects of Soul Body Fusion®  to create an Initiatory space where you will be able to receive and hold more of your soul/spirit than you ever imagined.

You must have taken a 1-day Soul Body Fusion® course in order to attend this course.

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Soul Body Fusion® Teacher's Certification

5-Days, Sept. 27- Oct. 1, 2017

    • Love Soul Body Fusion® and what it can do? 
    • Want to share your knowledge and excitement with others? 
    • Interested in taking Soul Body Fusion® to a new level in your own life?
    • Want a chance to do what you love while helping people? 

Translated into German

Experience a Soul Body Fusion from Jonette

Experience a Soul Body Fusion Transmission from Jonette