Due to the coronavirus, we are revising our workshop schedule, please check back for details.


Soul Body Fusion Teacher Training

On-line via Zoom Zoom Video Conferencing

Become a Soul Body Fusion Teacher! Do you love Soul Body Fusion® and want to share it with others? Do you want to take it to a new level in your own life?
Then join Founder, Jonette Crowley for a 5-day Certification Course


Mastery: The Space Between Part III

On-line via Zoom Zoom Video Conferencing

“Mastery is a beingness approach to realization, rather than a magician’s approach, which is to see what you can do with mastery."

Our focus is to prepare the way for the 11th or Shamballa dimension by offering unstructured experiences that begin to create new structures of experiencing in yourself. In order to move to the next dimension, you must unstructure the ladder that got you to where you are and be open to a structureless perspective.


Personal Sessions with Jonette

On-line via Zoom Zoom Video Conferencing

Jonette has opened up some appointments for Personal Sessions. Jonette provides the highest level of insight, answers and clarity on personal and spiritual matters. Jonette answers questions about yourself, your relationships and loved ones, your career, your health, your past, and your spiritual path.


Full Moon #3 Green Corn Moon

On-line via Zoom Zoom Video Conferencing

Green Corn Full Moon: Part 3 of the “Manifesting Higher Visions: Summer Full Moon Trilogy”, with Jonette channeling MARK

“There are major timeline changes after the solstice into late July when much of the Earth is in flux. There are strong veils over what will be after July because there are potential timeline shifts whose trajectories are unknown…The full moon in July is VERY important.” - Channeled from MARK


Cyprus Spiritual Tour Sept 2021


With regrets, our planned Soul Retreat in Cyprus will be postponed until September 2021. The exact dates have not yet been determined. Please sign up for our tour VIP list to keep updated.

This Soul Retreat is for YOU... Remembering who you are and who you are yet to become!
Aphrodite beckons you to the mystical island of Cyprus to nurture your Soul. Re-awaken your essence at the birthplace of the goddess of love and beauty.

Spirit of Bali

Join Jonette on an epic 11-day Spiritual Adventure to Bali 
"Do you long to be touched by a world where spirituality is a way of life, beauty is revered, and ancient traditions nurture your soul? Then join us in exploring the jewel that is the Indonesian island of Bali."