New changes in effect starting with Alchemy II: Actualization course

We will now be adding the transcripts directly to your User Accounts

If you purchased the class before it started:

  • You will see temporary links titled "Placeholder for Class" these are needed to allow us to attach the PDFs to your Account Dashboard once they are available.
  • The Transcripts will be added to User Dashboard under the Downloads & Links tab, usually within a week of class.
  • Once active the links will be re-titled with the Class Name and Number.
  • The links in your email will not be updated when the Class PDFs are added to your account. 

If you purchased the product during or after the end of class

  • You might have a mixture of placeholder and active links in both your Order Information Email and your Account Dashboard.
  • The actual PDF links will be will titled with the Class Name and Number


For more detailed instructions and screenshots of your User Account please go to FAQ Classes

The links to your transcripts are subject to an expiration date, at which time they will be removed from your Account Dashboard, to ensure ongoing access please download them to your personal computer or cloud drive.

Example of Order Information Email prior to Class start

Transcripts on Order info
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