12 Gifts for Advanced Spiritual Awakening Series Audio Download


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12 Gifts for Advanced Spiritual Awakening

This 12 meditation series helps to facilitate the awakening of your spiritual gifts. It includes powerful one-of-a-kind processes, initiations and lessons to awaken your knowing, clairvoyance, soul traveling, and healing abilities. At the more advanced levels you’ll play with astral projection, navigating in Dream Time, reading the Akashic records.  2017 was a year of rapid expansion and this series will help us make the most of it, anchoring even the highest cosmic principles into our daily life.

Meditations include - Trusting Your Inner Compass, Updating Your Merkabah / Light Body, Cosmic Battery and Personal Clearing of Entities and Implants, Energy Clearing Places and the Astral Plane, Golden Alchemy Initiation, Mediumship, Past Life Exploration and Healing, Cosmic Alignment, The Temples of Venus — Opening of the Sacred Heart, Australian Dreaming, Lemurian Reconnection & Meeting with the Ascended Masters.

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