12 Gifts for Advanced Spiritual Awakening Series


This 12 meditation series helps to facilitate the awakening of your spiritual gifts. It includes powerful one-of-a-kind processes, initiations and lessons to awaken your knowing, clairvoyance, soul traveling, and healing abilities.

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12 Gifts for Advanced Spiritual Awakening

This 12 meditation series helps to facilitate the awakening of your spiritual gifts. It includes powerful one-of-a-kind processes, initiations and lessons to awaken your knowing, clairvoyance, soul traveling, and healing abilities. At the more advanced levels, you’ll play with astral projection, navigate in Dream Time, and read the Akashic records.  2017 was a year of rapid expansion and this series will help us make the most of it, anchoring even the highest cosmic principles into our daily life.

Meditations include - Trusting Your Inner Compass, Updating Your Merkabah / Light Body, Cosmic Battery and Personal Clearing of Entities and Implants, Energy Clearing Places and the Astral Plane, Golden Alchemy Initiation, Mediumship, Past Life Exploration and Healing, Cosmic Alignment, The Temples of Venus — Opening of the Sacred Heart, Australian Dreaming, Lemurian Reconnection & Meeting with the Ascended Masters.

Trusting Your Inner Compass

This begins our amazing series to receive gifts for Advanced Spiritual Awakening. The meditation clears and frees our inner compass needle so we can trust that it will always lead us on our highest evolutionary path. We reconnect to the ‘felt sense’ or ‘gut instinct’ of our natural knowing. We create a field that will guide us, even when we forget to ask.

Updating Your Merkabah / Light Body

The  Schumann Resonance or Earth’s vibration has never been higher. It is imperative now that we upgrade our personal electromagnetic field or Merkabah so that we can easily and fully embody the high frequencies that are coming in. This is an essential and extraordinary meditation!

Cosmic Battery and Personal Clearing of Entities and Implants

This talk and meditation take you through a repeatable process for clearing yourself of attachments—entities, astral fragments, implants, ancestral cords and karmic contracts. In many ways, it is a ‘self-exorcism’ of all types of energy parasites that can hold you back from experiencing your full awakening. It begins by explaining the harmonizing visualization of the Cosmic Battery, a tool that you will find extraordinarily helpful.

Energy Clearing Places and the Astral Plane

We’ll expand on last month’s process, now learning to clear the energy and entities from anything we wear, our home, and other places. Our clearing service can be done remotely so we work together to clear the congested astral plane around the Earth. The result will be a feeling of empowerment and upliftment for all.

Golden Alchemy Initiation

This gifts you with an advanced Solar Initiation that is an alchemical transmutation of your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual bodies. Jonette replicates the initiation she transmitted in France at the beach of Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer where Mary Magdalene and her entourage landed in France. You’ll feel a soft and constant transformation to a higher level of yourself.


Have you ever wanted to be in touch with a loved one on the ‘other side’? Jonette guides you through a simple process to ‘dial in’ and connect. She holds the space energetically so you can feel safe and confident in exploring this gift. You will be surprised how easy it is when you “Go for it!”

Past Life Exploration and Healing

Jonette guides you in a time-traveling journey to learn about a past life. You’ll learn how to interact with your past self, make changes, gain understanding, and experience healing. Practicing the skill of time travel is a tremendous gift. The perspective you can gain will enrich you forever.

Cosmic Alignment — Opening Portals for Deep Reflection

Recorded on the lunar eclipse of August 7, we use the alignment of heavenly bodies to align ourselves to the cosmos; opening portals of clarity and self-empowerment. We look closely at ourselves and reflect on both our shadow and our light. Asking questions. Finding answers that lift us to our highest possible future.

Australian Dreaming

In October Jonette led a spiritual tour through Australia. In the remote Outback, they joined the Aboriginal guardians of Cave Hill–a cave with an ancient creation story connecting to Orion and the Pleiades. The meditation transmits the ‘Grandmother Codes’ Jonette received in this cave. These energies represent the purest DNA from the stars. Re-coding us back to the time before our DNA was limited.

The Temples of Venus — Opening of the Sacred Heart

Travel to the Soul Temples on Venus to access the highest levels of love and wisdom that open your Sacred Heart. Be purified, anointed and connected to the eternal flame of love. Travel to the great Library of Wisdom to receive downloads from your Akashic Records.

Lemurian Reconnection

Recorded in New Zealand, this is the most profound meditation Jonette has channeled for over a year. It begins by connecting you with the rich nature of New Zealand–the forests, the inner Earth beings, and the dolphins. It takes you to a space of  Oneness as you’ve never experienced before. This is a meditation that changes you forever!

Meeting with the Ascended Masters

To crown our year of advanced gifts, this month's meditation is a journey into an inner retreat of the Great White Brotherhood. There we connect with these Masters who have guided us. They now acknowledge our own Mastery; showing us we have the keys to move ourselves and humanity along this rapid path of Awakening. This is a celebration of just how far we’ve all come!

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