The Light of Shamballa


‘Being your light in challenging times’

A MARK channeled workshop

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Light of Shamballa Being Your Light in Challenging Times

A MARK Weekend Workshop channeled by Jonette

About the Workshop

This is the time to BE your greatest self!


Shamballa is that world of Spirit, a higher way of understanding, where heaven and earth intersect. Join us for a beautiful weekend exploring what MARK calls the 11th Dimension—Shamballa Consciousness. This weekend is experiential. Through channeled meditations and activations, you are transported to expanded states of consciousness, learning how to anchor them permanently into your body. Your own frequencies are balanced and uplifted, giving you access to wisdom and peace beyond the limitation of your normal world. You have untapped spiritual gifts that will change the course of your life and all of humanity.


Jonette has been channeling ‘MARK’ weekly for groups for over 30 years, teaching us about the higher dimensions and preparing us for the transformation that is before us. These weekends always bring immediate and extraordinary spiritual breakthroughs. This class will have all new material and will not repeat any of the work MARK is doing in the weekly channeled courses.


Jonette at Grandmother Ceramony

Grandmother Jonette

Last summer Jonette was initiated as a Grandmother in the native American tradition. She was acknowledged as one of the four living White Buffalo Calf Women. She is now active in the Grandmother’s Sacred Hoop of Life ceremonies.

Her gifts and shamanic abilities are rapidly increasing as she dedicates herself to even greater world service.

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