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Each “White Eagle” meditation/talk is a class itself. It is 90 minutes containing White Eagle’s advice and wisdom on the subject, questions and answers with a live audience, and a wonderful meditation process or journey so that you can experience the answers. White Eagle is a master teacher who can distill incredible, practical wisdom and humor into one class.

Each recording is $20.00 for CDs, and $15 for Digital Download. If you buy three single recordings, the fourth is free. (When you have ordered 3 recordings, type in the 4th free recording that you would like, into the comments section at the end of your order.)


 Lesson Categories


Ascension: A New Perspective – A beautiful talk on the energies of ascension and remembering the Oneness. Ascension is transmittable and will happen as more and more people embrace their light. This recording makes you feel absolutely wonderful.

Connecting to your Higher Self – An excellent meditation: learn how to make a deeper and more meaningful connection with your higher self.

Death & Dying – What happens when we die? How can we best support the passing of loved ones? What happens in suicide? White Eagle answers all of this and more. He takes us on a journey to understand the beauty of death.

Learn to Channel – A concise, fascinating and usable key to learn to channel or enhance your channeling. White Eagle makes it easy!

Maintaining a High Vibration -How do we keep the high spaces we occasionally find? A wonderful session to lift you and help you maintain our radiance everyday.

Mastering Meditation – Receive guidance in getting to a state of awareness, clarity and flow. Learn the fundamentals of meditating. Actually experience the state so you can get back to it.

Opening Your Third Eye – Use the spiritual energies now available to open your inner vision, understand auras, connect to your greatness.

Past Life Regression – Learn from your past lives as White Eagle leads you on a journey to discover your own past. Understand patterns and forgive Karma. Use this tape again and again.

Past, Present & Simultaneous Lives – White Eagle explains the nature of time and how different lives are related. He invites us to pick from infinite past, future and parallel lives to transfuse this life. The meditation is a wonderful journey through the impossible.

Working With Your Spirit Guides – How do you meet your Guide? How can you work with them? What can you expect? This takes you to the next level of relationship with your guides.

Using Your Inner Warrior – Are you a rebel or a warrior? The tape includes a magical initiation of your Inner Warrior. You are given mystical keys for strength of being. This tape is a must for everyone.


Being Rich – Each of us seeks to be wealthy in time, freedom, and power. White Eagle tells how to get ourselves to the core of that richness. You’ll experience the very essence of wealth so that it can be drawn to you.

Creating Abundance – Learn how your attention creates abundance or debt. Use this incredible meditation to change your vibration to abundance for good!

Forgiving Yourself & Others – Discover the reality above karma. Learn how to use three steps in letting go of your past and forgiving people you have had unresolved issues with. You will feel absolutely purified after this.

It’s Not What You Believe but HOW – This extraordinary tape discusses belief systems, the purpose of beliefs, how to choose them , and how to transcend them. It is a lively interchange that is much more powerful that the title would imply. The meditation is a remarkable experience of clarification.

Magnetizing and Manifesting – Learn and practice how to use energy to find, create, and draw to you the things that support your best and highest growth. Work first in the realm of thought to easily transform your physical world.

Making Good Decisions – Really feel what it’s like to choose an option that is truly aligned with your Soul’s purpose. Learn to sense the energies to enable you to make great decisions that you can trust.

Making Time Work for You – Learn incredible methods of allowing time to work for you instead of against you!


Breaking Through Self-Limitations – Get insight on limitations around time, money and love; and let go of the thoughts that keep you small. The meditation takes you on the wings of personal breakthrough.

Evening of Grace – White Eagle’s first, and one of his best, public talks. He speaks of the Light Age and inspires us to be masters and claim miracles. The meditation truly expands and fills your soul with the energies of grace, light and harmony with the universe.

Finding & Following Your Bliss – Identify and anchor that which makes your heart sing. Learn how to have bliss in every aspect of your life.

Moving with Confidence & Assurance – Self-empowerment is the essence of this talk. You are left feeling strong and clear and ready to move forward in your chosen path.

Releasing Guilt from Your Life – He uses humor to help us understand the pervasiveness of guilt. Instead of original sin, we come into life with “original guilt”. He helps us understand it, laugh at it and release it. For anybody who has guilt . . .

Transforming Fear – White Eagle talks about loving fear or fearing love. He gives steps for loosening fear’s hold in our lives. The meditation takes you on a magical journey of transforming the energy of fear.

Self Healing Q&A – One of our most popular tapes. White Eagle gives practical visualizations for being whole and well. He teaches methods of healing our bodies, our vision and our thoughts. It is a great tape to have in your spiritual medicine cabinet.

White Eagle on Empowerment – White Eagle helps you understand the importance and freedom of empowerment.

Your life Purpose – White Eagle leads you to examine your life’s gifts, then tune into your joy. He suggests that purpose is much greater than what you do; he leads you into a meditation process of discovery.


Recreating your Childhood – Learn how to go to the root of any behavior or belief and use consciousness tools to change it instantly! You will feel released and in charge of your past. This tape is better than years of therapy!


Angels & Other Heavenly Beings – This is Jonette’s favorite!  White Eagle gently lifts the veil of understanding and removes our ideas of heavenly hierarchies. The meditation is an extremely high journey into the light of our angel self. You will be radiant after listening to this!

Angels & The Universe – This is almost a continuation of the earlier discussion on angels. White Eagle goes deeply into the philosophy of experiencing guides, angels, and physical reality in general. It is one of ihs most enlightening talks on how the world fits together.

Extraterrestrials – This is guaranteed to expand your mind! He talks of the three main species of ET’s and of their purpose and approach, even adding some practical advice. The meditation is an actual journey in consciousness to connect with some of these beings.

Our Star Connections – Are we influenced by stars or are we stars ourselves? White Eagle tells us that we each exist as suns – our powerful radiance showing up in other energy planes. The meditation is a far-flung stretch to vast consciousness. You will be profoundly expanded.

Teachings of the Masters – Mastery is yours when you choose it. The greatest teachings rest on truth, love, invisibility (letting your spirit, not your ego shine through) and compassion. This is a beautiful tape. You are left absolutely experiencing the master within.


Beyond Religion – White Eagle goes to the heart and soul beyond religious beliefs. He sheds light on so much about religion that has been misunderstood. The meditation, which is one of his finest, raises your consciousness to truly merge with the Christ, Buddhist and Mother Earth Energies.

Connecting with Mother Earth – This incredible session talks about Mother Earth weaning us, why it is happening, and the changes in the nature of support that will bring. The meditation is a moving experience of the union of our soul and the Earth’s soul – at the beginning of time and now! It really opens up your eyes!

Why is there Violence? – Acceptance and balance are the key words to transforming violence to peace. Any resistance to violence keeps the violence visible. This session is filled with simple truth and hope.


Being Love – White Eagle lifts you to feel love as the transcendent power of the Universe. He gives practical advice on healing the past, releasing fear, protecting yourself from other’s negativity and more. The meditation her is one of the most soul expanding you can do.

Creating Your Soul Mate – White Eagle doesn’t believe that there is only one soul mate out there. He stresses becoming your own strong light, using that to create and attract the relationships that you want in your life. The meditation is a fantastic joining and dancing of your energies with the light of other souls!

Healing Relationships -This masterful session uses humor to help us look at healing all the relationships around us – particularly our relationship with ourselves. He talks of relating more clearly and healthily to everything – from our parents to the IRS!  This beautiful tape is one of our most requested.

Making Relationships Work – Get beyond separation by following 5 steps of relationship building. Move past the biggest blocks to sharing our treasures.



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