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Upcoming Events

Spiritual Tour

  • Next Spiritual Adventure Tour is to Australia!! With an Option to New Zealand. October/November 2017.  Click here to see the itineraries!


Upcoming Events

  • Denver, Colorado: Jan 23 @ 7pm MST  MARK Current Live Course: Playing in the Unified Field II Class 8Click here for details.
  • On Your Computer: Jan 31 @ 7:30PM MST – InnerViews Radio Show with Kimmie Rose and Donna Visocky. Click here for details.
  • Switzerland (Translated): March 1Understanding the Higher Dimensions Evening; March 3-5 – Lebenskraft Fair; March 8 – Quantum Transformation Eveningchanneled from MARK; March 10 – Rediscovering Your Essential Self; March 11 & 12 – Multi-Dimensional Mastery, channeled from MARK. Click here for details.
  • Germany (Translated): March 17 – Quantum Soul Body Fusion 1-dayMarch 18 & 19 – Multi-Dimensional Mastery, channeled from MARK. Click here for details.
  • Copenhagen, Denmark: March 24 – Rediscovering Your Essential Self; March 25 & 26 – Multi-Dimensional Mastery, channeled from MARK. Click here for details.
  • NorwayMarch 29 – Rediscovering Your Essential Self; March 31 – Rediscovering Your Essential Self; April 1 & 2 – Multi-Dimensional Mastery, channeled from MARK. Click here for details.
  • Tallinn, Estonia (Translated): April 7 – Soul Body Fusion 1-dayApril 8 & 9 – Multi-Dimensional Mastery, channeled from MARK. Click here for details.
  • Warsaw, Poland (Translated): April 11  A Higher Perpective on Now EveningClick here for details.


Featured Product

Featured Product:

Celebrating the ‘Soulstice: The Rebirth of the Sun Audio recording

December 21st, the Winter Solstice symbolizes the end of the dark night of the Soul. It is a time to celebrate our rebirth into Light. On this darkest day we go deeply inside seeking our inner fire of illumination. It is a seed time, from which springs the spark of hope, a new dawn. Through a powerful channeled meditation/activation we bring forth our life force energy activating the next level of our inner Light. Click here to order this special recording.


About Jonette:

Jonette Crowley has been called one of the world’s purest channels. She is a globally known spiritual teacher and best-selling author. She  founded the Center for Creative Consciousness in the early 1990’s to support humanity’s spiritual awakening.