Ashtatara and the Mother Goddess

An Interesting Explanation From White Eagle


Art by Toby Evans

The fat lady or Mother Goddess shape that represents the Atlantean Goddess Ashtatara very much represented Mother Earth. Her body was as round as it could be. The ancients knew the Earth was round. Her shape symbolized Mother Earth but it was also for grounding or ‘earthing’ the star energies. Her head was not in proportion to her body. Her head represented the star. The body represented the Earth.  It was the star energy becoming earthed.  Ancient people used her as a fertility goddess. That was not her original intent.  It really is to ground star energy into Earth. So in that way she is the original Earth Mother.

The Earth Mother does not come from Earth. The Earth Mother needed to be grounded into the Earth to give Earth consciousness. The Great Mother, the Great Goddess is not of Earth’s original consciousness. In the beginning Earth really was just hot rocks. It had potential but it required the huge high consciousness of great awareness of what you call Mother Earth to be embedded into the Earth so she could eventually harbor life. Earth herself was the first energy seeded on Earth. The fat lady is the best representation of that stage. This all happened before humans, but the dreamers, the oracles, the ones who could go into time could best represent the seeding of consciousness as the ‘fat lady’ who became Mother Earth, who became the Goddess, who became the symbol for motherhood and fertility. Interesting theory, we know.

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  1. Seax on April 30, 2020 at 11:22 am

    I’ve read a lot about the Venusian Mysteries, and to a degree, Earth Goddess culture. This has been an interesting and pleasant meditation. Thank you.

    This writing may interest some, it may not.

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