Multidimensional Healing MARK Series

Multidimensional Healing Series

New to MARK?

Jonette has channeled MARK as her cosmic guide since 1989 to embody our divinity. MARK’s channelings are transmissions that profoundly expand your being and your understanding in the moment. There is nothing that needs to be learned or practiced. Learn More about MARK

Each Part ("Course") consists of 8 weekly, Monday classes. There are 3 Parts to a Series organized around a central theme. The course includes live Zoom interactive classes, as well as, downloadable audio and video recordings for only $240 or $30 per class. Transcripts can also be added on for $25.

The weekly classes are always excitingly exploratory; stretching you, and taking you into unimaginable dimensions of you. You need no experience. The energetic field we create together lifts you beyond your limitations. You can join live at any time during the series and catch up with the earlier classes in the series by listening to the audio or video recordings.

You change in the moment. So jump right in! No previous experience with MARK is required, the energies will carry you!

Multidimensional Healing

“The field of human awakening is so strong that it now supports multidimensional healing of Mind, Body, and Spirit that was never possible before.”

~ MARK ~

About the Series


Jonette channels MARK to bring our focus back to healing our singular self from the vantage point of our quantum wholeness. Our human foundation is filled with toxicity, patterns, and programs from a matrix that doesn’t support the magnificence of unfettered creation. He’ll work with us at the personal and subconscious level to align our human hardware and software with the vast consciousness that we know is our destiny.

“Our goal is to help you heal your body; to heal your karma; to heal the broken connections between you and your divinity. It is more than healing what is wrong with you, but healing the broken connections, the wrong stories, the old patterns that have kept you imprisoned in a false matrix. We work specifically with your body systems to move you to a higher level of harmony with the divine impulses that are already whole.”  - MARK

This is the time for a radical change; time to heal the separation reality embedded in mass consciousness. Our broken, crazy world needs us to remember that this is not who we really are!

“You will understand the capacities of your mind beyond thinking, beyond excuses, beyond fear.”


Healing the Mind Part 1 of Multidimensional Healing Series

Mind is first because it gives birth to how we experience our lives on Earth. MARK will help you heal your personal thoughts and heal the underlying patterns and programs that emerge from the matrix. We use our multidimensional consciousness to reach and heal what we have never before been able to access. The result is the experience of our personal and collective mind that is finally congruent with creation.

Our human mind becomes quantum and can now hold our Divine mind.

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Healing the Body Part 2 of Multidimensional Healing Series

"Healing the Body" takes its cues from the quantum field of human consciousness and from your personal quantum field, operating beyond time/space.

Right now, your body is a teaching instrument to tell you the effect of some of the causes that you have implanted in it.  Much of what has become conflicted and permanent in your body is from the mind, but as your consciousness expands, it moves your body into a space where it can respond more to the creative mind and therefore to miracles.

The body is no longer limited by cause and effect!

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Healing the Spirit Part 3 of Multidimensional Healing Series

So far in this series, we have lifted our Minds and Bodies to a higher level of being, which finally allows us access to parts of our fractured Spirit that we couldn’t reach before. MARK guides us across timelines and dimensions to heal parts of our Spirit that have broken off during our many Earth journeys. With Mind, Body and Spirit renewed you’ll live from a new sense of your totality and harmony in all its incomprehensible glory. 

Today's energies bring immense support for bold moves out of the past into new creations.

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All of us need healing!

The Healing Series

  • Assists with the metamorphosis from being a person with a limited, defined identity, to identification with the vast magical world of embodied expansion at all levels.
  • Enables you to take advantage of the quantum fields that balance and bring joy to your existence.
  • You become recalibrated to your perfect divine template.
  • You release constructs of limitation that have scarred and wounded you.
  • Together we strengthen the field of healing and wholeness for ourselves, our families, and our world community.


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Experience all 10 dimensions in one day!

Dancing through Dimensions

Travel with MARK from the 1st to the 10th Dimension in this 5 hour video course.

Learn about the different dimensions - how they fit together, how to recognize them.  As you experience these higher planes your consciousness in automatically updated.... giving birth to your multi-dimensionality and all the miracles the Universe now has to offer you!

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