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The Activation of ‘Deborah’

The Activation of ‘Deborah’ – a Prophetess from the Old Testament   “The reawakening must happen first in your heart and in the way you live your life.” – The Prophetess Deborah, Channeled by Jonette   Activating our Personal Power   You can feel it. You read about it. This is a time for re-awakening the…

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 Reactivating the Codes of Life

“2015 is the time for the Crucible of the Middle East to become the Grail.”   You were all part of our journey in May to Israel and Jordan. Are you feeling some tectonic personal shifts? We are all becoming stronger channels for immense light— living pillars of Light. We are beginning to hold forgotten…

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Israel Tour Needs Your Energetic Support

(Note: We are asking you to be part of the support team for this work of light. Please see the itinerary at the end of the blog so you can follow our movements. Thank you for continued support and light.) The scope of our mission in Israel is becoming more clear. The channeled words below…

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