What is Creation?

2019 MARK International Intensive

Excerpts on Creation from MARK, channeled by Jonette Crowley

“The shift is this: You are no longer an object using power to create or to manifest. You ARE manifestation. You ARE CREATION. You can’t decide what you want to manifest. The space is too big to be directed..”

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Eclipse Time- A HUGE Chance to Change Old Patterns!

Blog Eclipse Time

Activations as Catalysts This is the time to become self-activating, a major opportunity to change old, deeply held patterns. The activations coming this year have more than power. They carry a harmonizing affect that instantly reformats what was unsettled into a higher pattern of beauty and comprehension. Each activation lifts you to a new level…

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Finding Your Path; Getting Guidance and Clarity

What’s Missing? In this world of information, advice rains in on us from all directions. When we were young and needed guidance we would go to our parents, an older sibling, a friend. Today we scroll through the Internet to help decide what to do. Getting more confused with each website we visit. If you’re…

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The Evolution of Channeling

Prophets, oracles and shaman have always been in touch with the unseen world. These communications often required drugs, rituals, or dance/drumming induced trances. During the height of the spiritualist movement in Europe, the U.S., and South America in the early 1900s, the mediums were in full trance, having no recollection of what happened. During more…

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"What is Time?" by ‘MARK’

Jonette channels ‘MARK’ answers to questions on ‘Time’   “Time is what prevents everything from happening at once.” – Physicist John Wheeler   Question: If there is no time and all is happening at the same time, why does it have to happen now? It is the same thing that is happening all over again? Why?…

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The Activation of ‘Deborah’

The Activation of ‘Deborah’ – a Prophetess from the Old Testament   “The reawakening must happen first in your heart and in the way you live your life.” – The Prophetess Deborah, Channeled by Jonette   Activating our Personal Power   You can feel it. You read about it. This is a time for re-awakening the…

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"WE are Heaven’s Temples"

By Jonette Crowley as ‘Oracle’ Kryon Mega-Channeling Event Sedona, June 2015   “I speak now not as a channel, but as a human Oracle, to remind you that we do not need interceding spirits. When we move away from anything that comes between us, whether it was priests and religions in the past, or spirits,…

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What We Do in the Quietness of our Soul Does Make a Difference!

I do my best meditations when I can’t sleep.(I’ve finally quit fighting the  sleeplessness, taking it as a ‘call to service.’) But several weeks ago, it was different. I was guided…demanded?… to sit up, go to the highest initiation-like space I’ve ever been, and pray as big as I’ve ever prayed. It has been over…

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10 Steps/Guidelines for Channeling

10 Steps/Guidelines for Channeling By Jonette Crowley  Copyright 2010 Jonette Crowley  Jonette Crowley is an internationally known channel of White Eagle and Mark – both are high Masters from the White Brotherhood.  She has been channeling since the late 1980’s and has taught hundreds of people how to connect with their own guidance.  She…

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The Living Elders

Legions. That is how much help we have, no matter what our need. I recently asked my guide ‘MARK’ about the increasing interactions that many of us are feeling with the Masters, specifically: How are the living elders working with us now?   Mark:  “The spirits of living elders that make up a High Council are…

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Socrates Had a Spirit Guide!

Channeling isn’t new, nor just “New Age”. At his trial, Socrates spoke of a guide or ‘sign’ who talks to him. “A surprising thing has happened to me, judges…at all previous times my usual mantic ‘sign’ frequently opposes me, even in small matters, when I was about to wrong…In other talks it often held me…

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