MARK, 9th Dimension

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'MARK' - Your quantum guide to expanding and integrating into the higher dimensions

Join 'MARK' as your cosmic travel guide, training you to understand and experience Quantum Consciousness at a level that is both deeply personal and profound.  These on-going channeled classes are truly on the cutting edge of consciousness. 'MARK' teaches by taking you to extraordinary states of grounded expansion, then explaining where you’ve been. Most journeys are beyond words, re-wiring you to be aware of vast dimensions outside of the ordinary.

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About the Classes

MARK sets up a complex energy formation encompassing each person present in a group or listening to the audio file. This allows all of us to travel together no matter what our experience is. MARK transmits energy to stabilize the group and create the space for the exploration of other dimensions. All of the power of the live group is contained and transmitted to people listening.

Each "Course" is 8 Classes.  Usually, there is a "Series" of 3 Courses on the same theme of multi-dimensional consciousness.  The Classes tend to follow a similar format of Opening Comments by Jonette, usually one or two MARK' Meditations followed by Group Comments and Question & Answer session.

We have provided for FREE the first class of each Course.  Begin with whichever Series you feel drawn to, but listen to the courses and classes in order.

The 9th Dimension Playing In The Unified Field

Playing in the Unified Field: Part I Multi-Dimensional Awareness

CLASS 1:  "Multidimensional Light Body"

Playing In the Unified Field Part1

We learn by exploring the greater possibilities that surround us. The field of the MARK group is solid enough to support our expansion into the mystical realities of the quantum world. We experience the very essence of being; together learning to manifest greater realities.  In this part we will fine-tune our skills in the dimensions of multiple manifest realities, making it possible for us to choose and navigate in the quantum realms. Our consciousness is expanded, enabling unforeseen gifts and life-changing experiences.

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CLASS 1:  "Rededication to Mastery and Service & Perpetual Prayer Space"

MARK The 9th Dimension: Playing in the Unified Field
Part II Multidimensional Service

We strengthen our Multi-dimensional skills by moving more fully into service, assisting others as the Masters have helped us. Playing in the Master’s field upgrades our skills, our Light, and our power. In the past, such skills required death as the entry ticket. Now you begin to serve as Masters by continuing to awaken your multi-dimensional awareness. 

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Playing in the Unified Field: Part III - Bridging into the 10th Dimension

CLASS 1:  "Universal Flawless Self & Enlightenment Explained"

playing in the unified field

An exploration of an unbounded nature; the bridge between the 9th dimension and 10th dimensions. You’ll notice more the space between, rather than events in time. Because the world is changing, the focus is on service and a few repair missions from the higher dimensions. You will work directly with extraterrestrials in service.

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The 9th Dimension Treasures From Beyond

The Treasures From Beyond: Part I - Practical Integration of Multi-dimensionality

CLASS 1:  "Body as a Super Computer & Flower of Life Synthesizer"

Treasures 1 CD cover

This series is about integration of your spiritual explorations and your personal life, opening concrete and practical gifts for yourself and others. Why? Because this is essential for humanity now. We will continue working with creating the New World and helping you be the bridges as the New Divine Human. You will have projects in this series that will assist with cohesive evolution on Earth. 

The Treasures From Beyond: Part II - Being Your Quantum Self

CLASS 1:  "Nodes and Ascension & We are Evolutionaries "


This continues the deepening integration of how our multi-dimensional self can enrich our lives and build our New World. Among our explorations we will find the 'quantum nodes'-- entrance points to meet and work with the Quantum Children who are now being born. MARK will guide us to use the 9th dimension to tap into a deep reservoir of cosmic calm, important in these times of crisis in the world.

The Treasures From Beyond: Part III - Awakening

CLASS 1:  "Clearing Out The Subconscious and Awakening"

Treasures 3 CD cover

We will continue more explorations of multiple realities and the 9th dimension.

– Opening to the patterns that underlie the design of the Universe.
– Explore the Stargate that is the ‘First Ring of Destiny’– Truth
– Open your pineal gland and right brain to access higher dimensions.
– Calibrating as needed with crystal skulls.

The 9th Dimension

The 9th Dimension: Part I - Accessing Multiple Parallel Realities

CLASS 1:  "Balance the Key"

9th Dimension CD

'MARK' leads us to experience the interconnectedness between multiple realities through all time and space. Move from the zero point of Quantum consciousness to a new world of manifestation — spontaneously opening the doors to what was impossible before. By being aware and interconnected, a piece of your awareness exists everywhere. That awareness becomes a beacon to find anything, to know anything, to be unlimited. Your greater mind becomes recalibrated. You pull in aspects of your Higher Self to organize this awareness into something that has been invisible to you until now. This dimension is truly the next step in Universal Beingness. 

The 9th Dimension: Part II - Exploring Dreamtime

CLASS 1:  "Immersion in Dreamtime & Blessings, Joy & Bliss"

9th dimension2 CD cover

Accessing all time / all space brings us to the doorway of ‘Dreamtime’ and walking between worlds. This course teaches us the skills the ancient masters and shaman have always used to go beyond our reality, bringing back gifts from other times and worlds

The 9th Dimension: Part III - The New World

CLASS 1:  "Connecting to Sidhe & Creating a New World"

9th Dimension Part 3 CD Cover

When you realize that your being is not just yours, you have transcended into the Universal. It happens when you give up your addiction to your small identity.  It is the realm of elders, of saints where you operate at a much more universal flow. You relate, not as an individual but as a Universal Being.

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